Pennsylvania Birth Certificate

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Use our simple step-by-step process to order your birth certificate. The average time to receive an expedited Pennsylvania birth certificate averages 7-10 business days (see below). We keep all of your information confidential so it is a safe process, as the lock logo on the browser address bar and Trustwave certification helps assure.

Just fill out our form online with your name and address information, shipping and billing information, and verification information, and you could have your Pennsylvania Birth Certificate in just a few short days. We guarantee quick processing time either way and make it simple for you to get your Pennsylvania Birth Certificate when you need it.

State Fee: $48*

INCLUDED: Your birth certificate cost and
speedy UPS return of the birth certificate.


Each extra copy: $20.00

*Two separate charges will appear on your bill: UsBirthCertificate.Net’s expedite service fee for fast secure online processing and the above State fee, which includes the birth certificate cost and UPS/Fedex shipping charge.

Your Average Process Time:**

Birth Certificates for events that occurred from 1967 to present are 7-10 business days.

Birth Certificates for events that occurred prior to 1967 are taking 7-10  business days.

**Note: State processing times and fees may vary or change without notice, although we do update on almost a daily basis.


All Four major credit cards

Credit And Debit Cards Are Accepted- Amex is not accepted any longer.

Two charges will appear separately on your statement.

Pennsylvania Birth Certificate

If you are making plans to visit out of the country that require a recent passport, are enrolling in a new college, or trying to get a driver’s license in a new state of residence, you may find that you need a Pennsylvania birth certificate to prove your identity. Many people don’t even know where to start when they need a birth certificate from the state where they were born. The fact that every state has different rules and regulations for issuing birth certificates only adds to the complexity of the process. That’s where comes in.

We cut through the rules and regulations to get your birth certificate in PA issued faster and then expedited right to your door. You must have a valid state issued photo ID or driver’s license in order to request your birth certificate. If not, the parent listed on the birth certificate must make the request. Having this information readily available and following our instructions on how to submit the request will help you to get your PA birth certificate faster.

Since Pennsylvania has an extended processing time, submitting your request for a PA birth certificate as soon as possible will help to ensure that yours arrives in plenty of time. You may also want to take advantage of the option to order extra copies for $20.00 each so that you have a lesser risk of being without a birth certificate if you need it again in the future.

When you rely on to get your birth certificate in PA, it will be sent to you with fast, secure shipping in order to protect your documents. We also provide you with a 100% secure site to protect your information. There is simply no better or faster way to get the document you need to verify your identity.

Additional Requirements:

  • Shipping address must match credit card billing address.
  • American Express is no longer accepted by the State.
  • Must have a valid state issued photo ID or driver’s license & (If ID is unavailable please follow instructions below)
  • Note: We don’t accept orders using non-US issued credit cards or ship outside the USA.

The parent listed on the birth certificate must request the birth certificate for an adult that doesn’t have ID and was born in a state that requires it.