Fax – Minnesota

Fax Order Form

No orders over the phone, so please follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Fill out the order form and carefully fill out all the fields, including all mandatory fields. Hit the “Click to verify” button to ensure no mandatory fields are left blank. Print the form when complete, after verifying all mandatory fields are completed by clicking the verify button at the bottom.
  • Step 2. Make a lightened black and white copy of your driver’s license or your state ID card and enlarge it 200%. (If a license is unavailable, click back to the state of birth for special instructions.)
  • Step 3. Sign all forms in black ink in all places. (Note: There are two signatures needed on the form.)
  • Step 4. Fax all pages of the order forms and Photo ID to: (800) 856-2383.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once a job is received by our office, it can’t be cancelled.

Your order will start processing as soon as we receive your fax. Within two business days, you will get an emailed sales receipt from us when your order has been processed by our office. Your birth certificate will be delivered by the method and time listed on the previous page.

The current state fees and process times are available if you go back to your state or district page.

If there’s a problem after form submission, we’ll call you during business hours.