Extended Validity

Extend The Validity of a Limited Passport

NOTE: USBirthcertificate.net no longer offers passport expediting, but use these pages for any help they may provide you.

Follow the instructions below if you were issued a passport that had a validity that is shorter than the full validity. Most of these will be if you lost your passport while overseas or did not have a certified birth certificate when you applied for your passport.

Follow these steps and include this information in the package

All U.S. government forms needed to complete this process will be opened in a new browser tab/window to help you keep your place on this page. Print them, then close that tab to return here.

Step 1. Fill out, then print the online U.S. Department of State application form. You’ll need to click the “Create” button after you’ve completed it there, and then it must be printed for inclusion in this package.

Step 2. Authorization letter (must be printed).

Step 3. Please fill out the order form and print a copy.

Step 4. Government Fee – $60.00.

Step 5. A letter that must state the request for the extension of the limited passport and the reason why (conflicting countries or frequent travel).

Step 6. Original Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate or a valid passport.

Step 7. Copy of your Valid Driver’s License.

Step 8. You do not need to make a personal appearance at the acceptance agent.