Company Letter

Company letter of expedite

(To be used in place of airline tickets for the passport office only.)


*Please type this information onto your company letterhead.

This letter can be used in place of airplane tickets or a travel itinerary.

Passport Services
1919 Smith Street, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77002

Dear Passport Representatives,

Mr/Mrs is one of our employees who is engaged as (title)

in the division of (company name) .

Mr/Mrs has an urgent, immediate international departure traveling

to (country name) for the purpose of_______________________________ .

He/She will be departing the USA on (departure date) .

Mr/Mrs will be traveling on (name of airline) and will be staying

in (country name) for a period of (duration) . We appreciate your immediate

assistance in the issuance of a passport. Please expedite passport at your earliest


Very truly yours,


(Persons signature of whom authorizes this trip)

*You can not sign your own letter.