Second Limited Passport

Second Limited Passport

NOTE: no longer offers passport expediting, but use these pages for any help they may provide you.

Follow the instructions below if you have a valid passport and require a second valid passport because you are a frequent traveler or travel to countries that are in conflict with each other.

To use our service you must follow all instructions below to the letter to avoid delays. Call our support line if you have any doubts as to what is needed.

Follow these steps and include this information in the package

All U.S. government forms needed to complete this process will be opened in a new browser tab/window to help you keep your place on this page. Print them, then close that tab to return here.

Step 1. Fill out, then print the DS-82 online U.S. Dept. of State Passport Application Form linked here. You’ll need to click the “Create” button after you’ve completed it there, and then you must be printed for inclusion in this package.

Step 2. Please fill out the Passport Order Form (no longer available) and print a copy to send to us inside your package.

Step 3. Authorization Letter (must be printed).

Step 4. Your passport, which must still have at least two (2) years validity.

Step 5. Government Fee – $170.00. No temporary checks will be accepted by the passport office. You can use a money order in place of a temporary check.

Step 6. Two (2) passport photos Passport Photograph Regulations

Step 7. A letter from the applicant stating why a second limited passport is required. The letter must state: “If either passport is lost or stolen, I will report it to the nearest US Embassy immediately.”

Step 8. You need to provide proof of departure, which will be ONE of the following: