Birth Certificate Acquisition in San Mateo County, California

San Mateo County, located in the state of California, offers several options for obtaining a birth certificate.

History of Birth Certificate Record Keeping

The County Clerk-Recorder Division maintains birth records that occurred in San Mateo County. The record keeping dates back to 1866, and the division has been diligently preserving these vital records for public use.

In-Person Request

One can obtain a birth certificate in person at the County Center in Redwood City. It’s advised to book an appointment by calling 650.599.1713. Requests for pre-1966 Birth Records require a 24-hour notice to retrieve from their off-site facility.

Mail Request

For mail requests, one must complete an Application for Official or Informational Certified Copy of Birth Record. The completed application, along with the required payment, should be mailed to the San Mateo County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Office. Processing time may take several days, and one can expect to receive the copies via regular mail in approximately two weeks as of this writing.

Online Request

There is no in house process for online service, but you can choose from among different third party companies to help speed up the process with an online order.

While the aforementioned methods are direct ways to obtain a birth certificate, there are also third-party services like that can expedite and simplify the process. It’s recommended to research thoroughly before proceeding. has the advantages of being in business doing this for 23+ years, being US Based with a phone number for support directly to the office. It is also recommended by a number of US government embassies worldwide for its service.

In conclusion, whether you prefer to request in person, by mail, or online, San Mateo County provides several convenient options for obtaining a birth certificate. Always ensure to verify the credibility of any third-party services used in this process.

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