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At USBirthCertificate.net, we pride ourselves on excellent, personalized customer service. It’s what’s keeps us growing and what makes our company a leader in helping to expedite birth certificates for over 23 years now.

We love feedback so good or bad email us and let us know like these clients have over the years. We love adding new posts to the wall so send in your experience so we can share.

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Verified Customer

“This e-mail is in regards to ordering two copies of my birth certificate for my upcoming trip. Only last Thursday did I fill out and fax my request for certified copies of my birth certificate. I realized that I was cutting it close and I might receive my copies on the actual day that I was departing . But to my amazement I received the copies today, scarcely three working days after placing my order. I just want to express my inordinate gratitude for the swift service you provided.”

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Verified Customer

“The birth certificate arrived on Monday via Fed Ex. 1-2 days just like you said. Thank you for your rapid service. I am going to mention you on the radio if you don’t mind.”

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Verified Customer

“Thanks for the quick service. I received the certificate yesterday. Appreciate your help!”

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Verified Customer

“I received both birth certificates requested, one the next day and the other in two days. WOW!!! That is great service. I really appreciate this since the last thing you need right before a vacation that is paid for, is to find out you don't have the proper paperwork to get there. Thanks a lot.”

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Verified Customer


We received Shannon's birth certificate on Tuesday. Thank you for your personal attention and perseverance.

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Verified Customer

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I just received my step parent adoption birth certificate within three days. I had already ordered my birth certificate from vital check, however they advised me that it would take 90 business days. We were scheduled for a trip in November and I needed my certificate for my Real Estate License immediately. Thanks again for the great service."

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Verified Customer

“This is Carmelia again. Just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help re: Erin’s birth certificate. It arrived around 9:30 Monday night – Fed Ex and she took off for Jamaica on Tuesday morning even despite the snow blizzard we were having. She returns tomorrow.”

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Verified Customer

“Thanks Richard
I will be promoting your service. You did a great job and save me a lot of time and hassle. I work in sports marketing and travel arrangement is a big part of my job. I never thought this was going to be so easy.”

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Verified Customer

“Thanks so much for the super quick service. I can’t believe that I already received a copy of my birth certificate after only ordering it on Wednesday, What a great service, especially for those of us who are rushing to meet adoption deadlines."

"P.S. If anyone else I know need their birth certificate in a hurry, I will definitely let them know about your service.”

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Verified Customer

“I received my son’s birth certificate today. Thank you for your quick and timely response!!!”

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VW on Maui

Verified Customer


“As we are getting ready for our vacation in Europe, I am remembering the help from your office. It has been great working with you! My wife and I have been very concerned. Living on the most beautiful island does not make it easy to deal with authorities, especially when they are on the mainland. With all the increased security measures due to the issues in the world, it seemed to be difficult to get the birth certificate which is needed to get her passport. You made the process for us extremely easy. It was well worth the money before such a long trip. You have been really helpful and patient. Time has never been an issue and I know we could have done it even faster. Once again, thank you very much!”

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Verified Customer

"I am not sure how much you had to do with getting my birth certificate here as quickly as it did but, I want to thank you for all you did do. I received my birth certificate today. I am not sure if we can still make my award trip to Acapulco but, the speed in which we received the copy of my birth certificate was surprising and I am extremely grateful. Thank You."

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Verified Customer

“I Picked up my birth certificate yesterday. I was the customer who was a US citizen born in Vietnam. I just wanted to thank you for the work you did. I must say at first I doubted the service. You made a believer out of me. If I hear of anyone that could benefit from your service I will definitely keep you in mind. Thanks again,”

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Verified Customer

“Sorry for the delay in responding to your phone calls; I have been out of town from 3/24 through 3/29 so I didn’t realize you were trying to reach me. Robert, you were a prayer answered for a very distraught mother!

I especially appreciated your very quick response to my initial inquiry and working through the technical difficulties with my driver’s license; in addition, I also appreciated your honesty in letting me know that you could not exactly guarantee the one-day turn around time (as my order coming from Washington State reached you Friday evening and her plane left San Jose, California at 8am on Wednesday, meaning delivery had to be on Tuesday, 3/23 ), but that you would do your best to ensure that the request would be at the Nevada Department of Vital Statistics so that it could be processed the very first thing on Monday morning, AND THEY DID!

Morgan received her certified copy of her birth certificate on Tuesday, making it possible to get on her plane on Wednesday. This would not have happened had you not taken such special care with my order. You are fantastic, and I would recommend your services to anyone without reservation. I hope to never have another emergency like this one, but if I did, you are the only one I would call.”

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