Frequently Asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions are a very helpful section to any web site. We keep all of your information confidential so it is a safe process.  Therefore the lock logo on the browser bar and the Viking Trusted Commerce certification helps assure your safety and security. As a result for over 20 years we have helped people navigate the process of getting your birth certificate easy.

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Over the years we have discovered the most common Frequently asked questions. We have compiled them for you to assist in your document recovery. Don’t hesitate to call or email our office if we didn’t cover your question. There is never a bad question to ask. We have attendants available 10-5 pm Pacific Time or 1-8 pm Eastern Time Monday thru Friday to answer any question you may have.

Question and Answer Listed Below

Is my information safe to send over the internet?

Yes. Be sure to see the lock logo on the left side of the address bar before you fill out the form.

Once received, your information that is sent electronically (or faxed) to is kept private and confidential. Your information will NEVER be sold to or go to any outside company. We respect your privacy. We will not sell or give your information to anyone other than the one government authority necessary to carry out this transaction. See our complete privacy policy for more.

Immediately after transmission, you should get a confirmation email with follow up instructions and also contact information. Within two business days after the order, you should receive a sales receipt email for your order. That is assuming it came in over the weekend if received during the week you will receive an email the day the order is charged by our office. While we receive phone calls during business hours, we often respond to emails outside those hours. Immediately after transmission, you should get a confirmation email with follow up instructions and also contact information.

The birth certificates you will receive are 100% certified certificates issued by the appropriate government agency for the state / U.S. territory or U.S. embassy where you were born. These certificates can be used for ANYTHING that requires a certified birth certificate, as they are the exact legal copy.

We can get some states quicker than what is posted on the website, but the time range is almost always accurate representation at that moment of how long it will take.

In all cases, we’re in touch with the offices where the certificates are sent out and keep up with how fast they are able to get the job accomplished. We usually update any delivery time changes daily.

You will not be able to get your certificate faster from any other site than what the time frame here says it will take.

When emergency service is requested there is a one time $25 surcharge for emergency service per name to put you ahead of the line in processing. It usually saves about 1 business day on average for this.

If applying for a minor the parent will be the requester and will use their drivers license to verify identity. If ID is required there are instructions on the specific State page.

If you do not have a drivers license or ID card, have one of your parents or legal guardian request the birth certificate for you.

Someone must be at the address to sign for the birth certificate when it arrives. If no one will be at the address, please leave a note taped to your door stating to please leave the package at the door and please sign that note. If you have to send the certificate to your work address (if the State you were born in allows it ) that is fine because someone will be there to sign for it.

It is the same process as using a regular credit card.

If applying for a birth certificate and the state searches for the record and no record is found on file, then a “No Record of Birth Certificate” will be issued. This “No Record of Birth” can be used to expedite a passport if needed with 5 personal documents dating at least 5 years old (list of those can be found on our passport section).

No, the State or County keeps all the records secure and they need an order to look up. So you must fill out the order form so we can submit the request to the proper government agency. The States require it to be done that way.

No, we can only expedite records that are already on file with the
appropriate government agency. On the back of the document there is usually information and steps to change or amend a record. We can’t help with changing or amending any record.