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Phone support to contact us:
(800) 856-2526 or (503) 714-4364

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1-8 p.m. Eastern Time
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Fax 24/7:
800-856-2383 or 503-714-4378


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Contacting us is very important to our company. We believe it is common curtesy to be able to get in touch with companies you do business with. We have staff on duty Monday thru Friday to answer any of your questions or to check on status of previous orders submitted to us.

On this page you will find phone, fax, and email address options to reach us. Below we also offer a contact sheet that you can submit 24 hours a day. No question is weird or unusual so don’t hesitate to ask yours. After 23 years of doing this we have heard them all.

If you just want to shout out to us how good a job we did drop us a note and we will add your input to our testimonials page. If you have any suggestions how we could make your experience better we love those also just let us know.

We keep all of your information confidential and secure so it is a safe process. Therefore the lock logo on the browser address bar and the Viking Trusted Commerce certification helps assure your safety and security. As a result for over 20 years we have helped people navigate the process of getting your birth certificate quick and easy.

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