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How to Obtain a Birth Certificate Copy in Florida

If you were born in Florida and need a copy of your Florida birth certificate, you have several options to get one. Depending on your urgency, budget, and eligibility, you can choose the most convenient method for you. In this article, we will explain the process of obtaining a birth certificate copy in Florida, how to expedite and simplify it with the company USBirthcertificate.net, and what is unique in the Florida process compared to other states.

The Process of Obtaining a Birth Certificate Copy in Florida

The official agency that issues birth certificates in Florida is the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which is part of the Florida Department of Health1. You can order a birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics online, by mail, or in person.

To order by mail, you need to fill out an application form1, provide a valid photo identification, and pay a $9 fee for the first computer-generated certification by check or money order. You can mail your request to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville, FL. The processing time for mail orders is about three to four weeks.

To order in person, you need to visit one of the local county health departments1 that offer walk-in service. You need to bring a valid photo identification and pay a $14 fee for the first photocopy certificate, plus a $10 rush fee if you want same-day service. The processing time for walk-in orders varies by county, but it is usually faster than mail orders.

How to Expedite and Simplify the Process with USBirthcertificate.net

If you want to expedite and simplify the process of obtaining a birth certificate copy in Florida, you can use the service of USBirthcertificate.net3, a private company that helps you prepare and submit your application to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. USBirthcertificate.net can help you order online and have it on your doorstep in one to three days (time as of this writing. See page for any changes) .

What is Unique in the Florida Process Compared to Other States

The process of obtaining a birth certificate copy in Florida is similar to other states in many aspects, such as the eligibility requirements, the fees, and the types of certificates. However, there are some unique features in the Florida process that you should be aware of.

One unique feature is that Florida has two types of birth certificates: computer-generated and photocopy. Computer-generated certificates are printed on security paper and have a state seal and a signature. Photocopy certificates are exact copies of the original birth record and have additional information, such as the parents’ birthplaces and the hospital name. Photocopy certificates are more expensive and take longer to process than computer-generated certificates.

Another unique feature is that Florida has a limited number of birth records available. According to the Florida Department of Health, birth records start in 1917 for most counties, but some counties have records dating back to 18651If you need a birth record before 1917, you may need to contact the county clerk of court where the birth occurred or the State Archives of Florida1.

A third unique feature is that Florida has a special program for homeless individuals to obtain a birth certificate for free. The program is called Project H.O.P.E. (Homeless Obtaining Permanent Essentials), and it is administered by the Bureau of Vital Statistics in collaboration with the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles1. To qualify for the program, you need to provide proof of homelessness and a referral letter from a social service agency.

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