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What is a “Copy” of a Birth Certificate and Why Would I Want One?

Woman displays her driver's licenseA proper birth certificate copy is an official document, usually embossed with raised seal, from the original one in the state or county of birth that records that birth of a person. It contains vital information such as the person’s name, sex, date, and place of birth, as well as information about their parents. But what exactly is a copy of a birth certificate, as opposed to the birth certificate itself, and why might you need one?

What is a Birth Certificate copy?

Synonymous with a certified copy, it is a document made by the state agency responsible for storing the original birth certificates. This copy is stamped, embossed, or signed by agency registrars to indicate that it is a true and correct copy of the original document in their records.

A certified  birth certificate has an official state registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, the registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office. This date must be within one year of the person’s birth.

Why Would I Want a Copy of a Birth Certificate?

There are numerous reasons why you might need a copy of your birth certificate. Here are some common situations:

  1. Joining a School: Schools often require a birth certificate to confirm your identity, age, and legal U.S. residency.Flying intenationally, plane with map underneath
  2. Applying for Identifying Documents and Licenses: A certified copy of your birth records serves as your best proof of your citizenship. It’s also necessary for obtaining photo identification like a driver’s license or passport.
  3. Traveling Abroad: To travel outside of the United States, you will have to provide your birth certificate to get your passport.
  4. Applying for Government-Issued IDs: You might need it when applying for other government-issued IDs such as a Social Security card.
  5. Replacing Lost or Misplaced Original Certificate: If you’ve lost or misplaced your original certificate, having a certified copy can be very useful.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Birth Certificate?

You can obtain your birth certificate through the office where the document was originally filed or issued. In the United States, you can request them at your Vital Records office. Each State determines their set of rules and fees for ordering birth certificates as well as other vital records.

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In conclusion, having a certified copy of your birth certificate is not only essential for validating your identity but also crucial in many aspects of life. Whether you’re applying for school, traveling abroad, or obtaining government-issued IDs, having this document can make these processes much smoother.

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