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California Birth Certificates

Not all counties served. See exceptions below.

Easily receive your California birth certificate using our quick process

We keep all of your information confidential. The average time to receive your expedited California birth certificate ranges from 5-9 days in most of the counties, and 15-19 days in Alameda, Santa Clara, Yolo, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.

San Francisco and Riverside are having delay issues and are running behind and are currently showing 1-2 months for processing.

All you have to do is fill out our simple form online with your name and address information, shipping and billing information, and verification information. We will then e-mail you a State form that you need to get notarized then fax back to our office (It is a State requirement.). You could have your California Birth Certificate in less than a week (in most cases).

Speedy Shipping

INCLUDED: Your birth certificate cost and
speedy UPS return of the birth certificate.

County Fees range from: $50.00 to $61.00*

County fee depends on the particular county in which the birth occurred.


    • We cannot expedite birth certificates for the following Counties:
  • Amador
  • Colusa
  • Del Norte
  • Kings
  • Lake
  • Modoc
  • Siskiyou

Please do not apply if it is for a certificate in one of these counties.

Each extra copy: $28.00 to $32.00

*Two separate charges will appear on your bill: UsBirthCertificate.Net’s expedite service fee for fast secure online processing and the above State fee, which includes the birth certificate cost and UPS/Fedex shipping charge.

Your Average Process Time:**

From 5-9 business days for most counties and 15-19 business days for Alameda, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, Yolo and L.A. County delivered to your door. San Francisco and Riverside are running 1-2 months due to delays.

PLEASE NOTE: If adopted or if the birth record was changed or amended you would need to contact the California State office and expect 2-4 months for delivery.

**Note: State processing times and fees may vary or change without notice, although we do update on almost a daily basis.

Additional Requirements:

  • We will email a form to you if a valid Drivers license isn’t available that you will need to have notarized then fax to our office to complete your order.
  • If you were born in San Bernadino, Orange or Alameda County, you will also be required to provide a state issued ID card or Drivers license on top of the notarized form.
  • Note: We don’t accept orders using non-US issued credit cards or that ship outside the USA.

All Four major credit cards

Credit And Debit Cards Are Accepted

Two charges will appear separately on your statement.

Special fax instructions

Note: On the California form we are e-mailing to you, if your notary uses a stamp, then you will have no problem faxing the page to us and you can disregard this information. If your notary uses a raised seal then on a separate piece of paper, go back and forth with a pencil (DON’T GO OVER THE SEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE PENCIL) until you have some graphite shavings, then rub your finger on the graphite shavings, then rub your finger over the seal until the graphite shavings gets in the seal and will show up when you fax the information to our office.