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Hawaii Birth Certificates

Use our simple step-by-step process to order your birth certificate. The average time to receive your expedited Hawaiian birth certificate averages 17-28 business days. We keep all of your information confidential so it is a safe process, as the lock logo on the browser address bar and Trustwave certification helps assure.

Just fill out our form online with your name and address information, shipping and billing information, and verification information, then fax it to us. You could have your Hawaiian Birth Certificate in just as quickly as the process allows. We guarantee quick processing time either way and make it simple for you to get your Hawaiian Birth Certificate as soon as possible.

There will only be one charge to your credit card (plus cost for additional certificates).

Fee: $166.00*

INCLUDED: Your birth certificate cost, our expedite fee, Hawaii’s fee, and roundtrip Fedex return.

Each extra copy: $4.00

Your Average Process Time:**

From 17-28 business days for delivery right to your doorstep or faster if travel itinerary is faxed with request.

**Note: State processing times and fees may vary or change without notice, although we do update on almost a daily basis.

Additional Requirements:

  • Driver’s license or your state issued identification card is required. (If unavailable, follow rules below.)
  • When copying your driver’s license please make the copy in black & white and lighten the copy as much as possible before faxing.

The parent listed on the birth certificate must request the birth certificate for an adult that doesn’t have ID and was born in a state that requires it. In that case, the parent should sign the fax form in both places and provide their ID. (The adult without the ID shouldn’t sign the form.)

An order for Hawaii must be faxed. (Phones won’t work for the printout needed.)


All Four major credit cards

Credit And Debit Cards Are Accepted