Kentucky Birth Certificate


Kentucky Birth Certificate

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Use our simple step-by-step process. The average time to receive an expedited Kentucky birth certificate averages 3-5 business days. We keep all of your information confidential so it is a safe process, as the green area on the browser address bar and the Trustwave certification helps assure. Just fill out our form online with your name and address information, shipping and billing information, and verification information, and you could have your Kentucky Birth Certificate in just a few short days. We guarantee quick processing time either way and make it simple for you to get your Kentucky Birth Certificate when you need it.

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INCLUDED: Your birth certificate cost and
speedy UPS return of the birth certificate.


Each extra copy: $15.00

*Two separate charges will appear on your bill: UsBirthCertificate.Net’s expedite service fee for fast secure online processing and the above State fee, which includes the birth certificate cost and UPS/Fedex shipping charge.
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From 3-5 business days for delivery right to your doorstep

**Note: State processing times and fees may vary or change without notice, although we do update on almost a daily basis.

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Kentucky Birth Certificate

There are many different reasons that you might need to retrieve an authentic copy of your Kentucky birth certificate. You may have lost your existing copy or simply need to have an extra one to ensure that you aren’t ever left without one when it is needed. Every state is different when it comes to the process that must be followed to get a birth certificate. Learning where to go and what forms need to be filled out and submitted can take a lot of valuable time that you can’t afford. With the services of, you don’t have to take your valuable time to take care of the required paperwork in person! We take care of the details that will ensure you get your KY birth certificate quickly and safely.

If you require an certified birth certificate for any reason, these birth certificates will be accepted. Just send us your information over the SSL secure internet connection. All information is kept private and confidential and will never be sold or given to any outside companies.

The average process time for your Kentucky birth certificate is between 3 and 5 days. It will be delivered to your door by overnight courier so that your birth certificate is in your hands quickly. When you don’t have time to take care of a long, drawn-out process to get your birth certificate on your own, you can count on to do the job efficiently and with total respect for your privacy. Don’t cancel your trip or change your plans because you don’t have time to get the required birth certificate to verify your identity. We can get a 100% authentic birth certificate to you in a matter of days!

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  • Note: We don’t accept orders using non-US issued credit cards or ship outside the USA.