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Operating since the year 2000, we’re recommended by a number of US State Dept. Embassies for facilitating birth certificates abroad.

We are unable to assist with getting a Rhode Island Birth Certificates or process this state.

Please contact the Rhode Island state with our self-service link below to assist you with getting your Rhode Island Birth Certificate. We only assist with States that we feel we can help the client expedite the process and Rhode Island isn’t one that we can help with at this time.

About U.S. Birth Certificates

Birth certificate is a legal document issued by the State of your birth vital records office. The Vital Record is acceptable as a form of identification. Also, being born in the U.S. establishes eligibility for American citizenship.

You can use a certified copy of your birth record to obtain a driver’s license, or to get a passport. To apply for government benefits, social security card, making a trip or to enroll in school. As of May 7, 2025, U.S. citizens and residents must have a REAL ID-compliant driving license or ID card to enter federal facilities and to board commercial aircraft’s. Requirements to obtain a REAL ID may include proof of identity, such as a certified copy of the birth certificate.

Birth certificates for people born in the U.S. and Record of birth Abroad certificates for people born outside the U.S. both include personal identifiable information, like full name, date of birth and place where the birth occurred, sex and the names of the parents.

We will save you time with our expert assistance you know you’ll get exactly what you are looking for. Choose your state of birth by by heading over to the map located on the start page to begin the process of getting your birth certificate fast!

How do I get A U.S. Birth certificate

There are several ways you can obtain your birth certificate. You can go in person to the the vital records office in the county and State you were born in. Mail in a request to their office directly or using self-service links on our front page.

About Us

We are one of the only private companies Government recommended by U. S. Embassies around the world. When we got started 22 years ago our purpose was to help people with getting  their passports. The biggest hurdle was the certified vital record necessary to request a passport. Two decades ago there was little to no online information available to obtain a certified Birth Certificate.

We researched and spoke to the government offices to find out what they needed and how they wanted the information. Over the years we have fine tuned the system to make it faster and safer to get your Birth Certificate. We are one of only two private companies that the Government recommends for fee-based online services .

We keep all of your information confidential and secure so it is a safe process. Therefore the lock logo on the browser address bar and the Viking Trusted Commerce certification helps assure your safety and security. As a result for over 20 years we have helped people navigate the process of getting your birth certificate quick and easy.

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By clicking the button below, you are leaving our site and going directly to Rhode Island's Dept. of Public Health. There, you can request record directly since we are unable to assist you