NOTE: no longer offers passport expediting, but use these pages for any help they may provide you.

Vacation land

USBirthCertificate.Net has over a decade of experience in expediting United States passports. We have a knowledgeable, courteous, and well trained staff to assist with all of your passport needs. By using our service, you will have more time to plan and enjoy your trip abroad!

We can process United States passports for you which include: new passports, renewals, extra pages, child passports, lost or stolen passports, name changes, extend the validity of limited passports and second limited passports.

All Four major credit cards

Please follow strict guidelines or your passport will likely be delayed or not get processed.

Some of the required forms you will need are available in Adobe PDF format. Click here to download it.

*Documentation must be complete and all instructions followed to meet this time frame. While all orders must be completed online, if you are doubt about a particular procedure, don’t hesitate to call the support line during regular business hours.