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Order Your Birth Certificate or Birth Record copy expedited to you now, fast!

stork imageWe specialize in speeding up the time it takes to get your official Birth Certificate copy with expert know-how. The Birth certificate birth record is often an essential item to obtain a driver’s license, get your child into school or get a passport. It’s an important item for validating a person’s identification.

Select your birth state and begin here

For those born in the United States, begin here and go select your birth state to get the details and order an authorized birth certificate copy directly from the state or territory.

Born Abroad?

If you are a US citizen born in a foreign country–and one of your parents is a US citizen, we can help you get your certificate copy from a Consulate with a simplified and exacting process.

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What we do

Cute babyWe’re here to make the process to get a birth certificate birth record easy and we always keep your information confidential. Simply fill out our online form with your name and address information, billing and shipping information, and verification information to order birth certificate online. We guarantee speedy processing of your order and in many cases it will arrive in just a few short days. Click on your state to check out the specific time and fee requirements or give us a quick call.

You can also order a birth record for those born abroad if one of your parents was born in the United States. Click on our Born Overseas link to start the same easy process. We can help a U.S. citizen who was born in another country and needs a certified birth certificate born abroad. That document is called a Record of Birth Abroad.

An industry leader, we’ve been helping people with expediting important documents since March 2000.

State Certified Raised or Embossed Seal Directly from State of your birth In many cases, 2-3 day delivery

speedy is a company not affiliated with, owned or operated by any government agency. We provide assistance at your direction. 

By using our service, you get an expert review to avoid application mistakes, rejections or unnecessary delays in your vital record applications, as well as quicker delivery from the state or U.S. Consulate of your birth record. 

We can only help you expedite vital records that are already on file with the state or county where your birth took place. We cannot help you create, change or amend birth records.

Unable to expedite but still able to assist

baby putting clothes on lineNote: If the birth certificate you seek is from one of the following states/territories, we cannot help you directly but still want to assist. Click on links provided for direct help thru the state. Those include Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin,  and Wyoming. Also, outside of the contiguous United States: the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Micronesia, North Marianas are not available through us. If you’d like to do this yourself since we can’t assist , you can go here.
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